Workshops for Paediatric Healthcare Professionals

  • Paediatric pain management
  • Pain: Linking Physical, Emotional and Spiritual pain
  • The rights of children in healthcare
  • The impact of trauma on the child and family
  • How to support children during healthcare encounters and emergency situations
  • How to take care of the child with special needs in the healthcare environment
  • The spiritual support of children in healthcare

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What people are saying about the Workshop on New Frontiers in dealing with Pain in Infants and Children – Pretoria & Cape Town 2019:

Very informative; Adequate time for input and discussions; Excellent presentation skills; Huge amount of information; Passion and knowledge of the presenter; It is great to understand the different types of pain and how the body reacts to it…

Talks and Support Groups for Parents

  • Becoming a Pain Investigator (PI) – How to know when my child is in pain and what to do about it (from headaches, teething and colic to medical procedures and also includes information on pain when a child is diagnosed with cancer or AIDS
  • Children’s understanding of healthcare encounters
  • Preparing children for healthcare encounters (from routine immunisations to hospitalisation) and how to support them during procedures – can also focus on children with special needs
  • Talking to children about death and dying
  • The spiritual support of children during illness, pain and suffering

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Workshops for Youth Workers and Volunteers

This is what people has to say who previously attended a workshop:

Very informative / I wish there can be many more training of this sort / I learned how to practically use the theory in the actual situations / I am inspired / I got so many new ideas that I can implement / Everything was explained in a very vivid and practical way…

This workshop will equip youth workers and volunteers from churches and other organisations to adequately support children facing illness, pain and suffering from a Christian perspective and include the following topics:

  • The world of children and stages of childhood development
  • Impact of hospitalisation and other healthcare encounters on the child
  • Working in a hospital environment
  • Supporting and addressing the needs of children and their families in healthcare
  • Discussing illness, pain and suffering with children
  • Working with children facing disabilities
  • Children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions
  • How to address the topic of forgiveness with children
  • Working with the child of a sick or dying parent or significant other.

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The PEP-Talk Presenter

Dr Annemarie Oberholzer, PEP-Talk presenter and Coordinator of the PEProgram, has many years of experience as a Registered Nurse in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit before she ventured into the area of the Psycho-social Support of children in hospital. She held workshops for staff on paediatric pain management and trained volunteers and students on the psycho-social support of children in hospital. She did her Doctoral Degree in Professional Nursing Science at the University of Johannesburg, developing a model for the facilitation of support in order to empower children in healthcare. She then completed a Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Christian Spirituality at the University of South Africa (UNISA), focusing on the spiritual support of children in healthcare. She holds a Diploma in Children’s Ministry from the Petra Institute.

She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, and advocates for the rights of children and their families in healthcare, including the right for adequate pain management. She is a consultant for the psycho-social and spiritual support of children during healthcare encounters.

  Based in Gauteng, South Africa. Presentations outside of Gauteng subject to additional travel- and accommodation fees