PEP-Booklet: Pain

A booklet for children to explain the concept of acute pain – What is pain and what can I do about it?

pep booklet pain

PEP-Booklet: Blood

A booklet for children to explain the function of blood cells and what happens in the body if we do not have enough of these cells.

pep booklet blood

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Children should not have to endure pain, but it is often unavoidable. No parent or caregiver wants to see a child in pain, and they are often overwhelmed by their own inability to protect a child from experiencing pain. This book is written for all parents and/or caregivers on managing the general day-to-day aches and pains in a child – from headaches, tummy aches, colic and teething, to immunizations, a visit to the doctor or dentist and even includes information on pain when a child is diagnosed with cancer or AIDS. It explains the mystery of pain in a way that is fun and easy to understand and gives several tools that can be used to determine whether a child is experiencing pain. Various techniques that are scientifically proven to alleviate pain is discussed, and in the final chapter, these techniques are applied to different illnesses and conditions.

This book was sponsored by International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Developing Countries Project: Initiative for Improving Pain Education, in association with Jelly Beanz.

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“Think of a mother sitting by the bedside of a sick child through the night, impelled only by love. Nothing is too much trouble for love.”
Desmond Tutu