PEPain 20 Download a PEP-Booklet explaining pain to children

PEP-Booklet_Pain – What is pain and what can I do about it?


Lady Buzz Buzzy – Drug free pain relief

For more information on this device and to order you can visit 


Free App for children with cancer

The Pain Squad™ App was developed by the iOUCH research team at The Hospital for Sick Children. Help kids 8 – 18 years to track their cancer related pain – Read more


Video explaining Migraine

You can watch this video: Migraine: How it works and how to get it under control on YouTube


It doesn’t have to hurt

The #itdoesnthavetohurt initiative has many resources on how to manage a child’s pain



The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) has a Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) with Toolkits and Resources on paediatric pain management.


Centre for Pediatric Pain Research

The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research is doing research and provides information and resources to ensure that parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals have the most up to date knowledge and tools available to assess and manage children’s pain.


An education cartoon for children with chronic pain

“Understanding pain and what’s to be done about it … in 10 minutes” is available in 22 languages on the German Paediatric Pain Centre website


Watch the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research’s 2-minute video to learn some tips about how medical procedures on kids can be easier for everyone

(Click here if you want to watch on YouTube)